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Leadership development for high performers

We have a long running collaborative relationship with Catalyst, in which Catalyst assists with the design and facilitation of a number of our people manager and behavioural/skills development training offerings, as well as ad hoc individual and team development needs.  As experts in leadership and behavioural development, we rely on Catalyst to design and run training sessions that are highly engaging, relevant and, most importantly, can be practically applied back on-the-job.

Catalyst consistently receive very positive and congratulatory feedback from our participants.  People report they feel that Catalyst really “know our Business” and understand our culture, challenges and priorities.  Participants also report being able to take away key skills, knowledge, and frameworks that they can readily apply on-the-job to help them either deliver better services to their clients or be more effective managers of their people.

What I value most about Catalyst is their willingness to truly “partner” with our organisation to deliver the right message in a way in which will resonate with our audience.  Catalyst take the time to understand our needs and diagnose the underlying people and development issues.  Furthermore, Catalyst are willing to invest additional time and energy to follow-up participants, meet with managers, and consult with the business.  They are prepared to offer additional support in order to achieve a superior outcome.  This type of flexibility and commitment is rare and, as such, is something we both appreciate and value.”

Senior Manager L&D, Global Investment Bank