Established Australian News Media Company

Established Australian News Media Company

Designing a performance management framework


Business Need
To support the implementation of a new company-wide performance management framework and system. Catalyst was engaged to provide managers with greater skill and confidence in setting performance goals and having effective performance conversations.

What was done to help
Catalyst partnered closely with the business to research and analyse each Business Unit’s needs, develop some core program principles and a behavioural framework. They then designed and facilitated a highly relevant, effective and sustainable learning program. The programs were designed in close consultation with internal OD and HR and involved strong sponsorship from senior business leaders. Following a very successful program pilot, a decision was then made to roll out the program across the business and within 6months 500 managers had participated.

The Outcome
The program has resulted in increased engagement and commitment to goal setting and development planning. Managers have a much greater appreciation for goal setting and the value of creating focused, targeted activity in the team. There is demonstrated increased confidence to have performance conversations and greater clarity around effective development planning.

About Catalyst
I have worked with Catalyst for several years and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They truly understand what it means to be a business partner and make it their business to understand ours. Their flexibility and practical approach to learning and organisational development make them a delight to work with.

Director, Organisational Development, Australian Media Company